We built the brand for a certified, Y Combinator rocket ship.

Not everyone’s built to work at early stage technology companies — processes are thin, ambiguity is the norm, change is constant, speed is essential. When you factor in never-been-done before fitness technology and explosive pandemic-fueled growth, you have all the ingredients for a rollercoaster.

I joined Tempo as employee number 12 and went on to proudly build the team behind the brand’s foundational creative direction including, but not limited to the look and feel of the class experience, the website, organic/paid social, growth initiatives, email marketing, experiential/in-store, traditional, apparel, product, and more. In addition to creating the brand from zero to one, my team also developed design systems and creative guidelines to ensure ongoing consistency. We also put in place processes for smooth cross functional workflow. Heck, we even literally built out a massive photo/video studio to speed our ability to create branded content.

Along the way I facilitated two iterations of brand strategy, two iterations of the website, a few tv spots, dozens of videos, a ton of photography, and design assets for days. My proudest achievement was recruiting, managing, and motivating a team of all star creatives and helping navigate the pressures that come with the territory of boarding a certified Y Combinator rocket ship.

Kyle Wai Lin, Creative Director
Farzad Sharif, Head of Marketing
Hannah Oliff, Director of Ops
Andy Marino, Sr. Copywriter
Arturo, Lead Photographer
Alex Camacho, Lead Designer
Sarah Im, Sr. Designer
Carter Burwell, Video & Motion Lead
Jen Garcia, Sr. Art Director

Suzette Sagisi, Sr. Copywriter
Yasmin Amer, Designer
Nuria Madrid, 3D Artist
AJ Lising, Video Lead
Max Hendren, Creative Lead
Bokeh, Agency Partner
Character, Agency Partner
Genuine, Production Partner
Marty Martin, Director