We launched Everlane’s sustainable shoe brand with a Gen Z minded social content strategy.

I had the pleasure of working with Everlane on a range of projects, but the most exciting, by far, was my content strategy work for the launch of their sustainable shoe brand, Tread… and if you’re anything like me, you’d agree that strategy is often more intellectually rewarding than creative work.

We were tasked with launching Everlane’s first-ever sub brand, Tread. Their primary shoe was on-trend both stylistically and philosophically. It was essential that the content strategy was an authentic reflection of their environmentally-aware product positioning because their Gen Z audience is notoriously critical of sustainable products from big brands.

In addition to social listening and reviewing exclusive audience reports, we spent a day reviewing our creative approach with the aid of content from ~300+ brands that ranged from competitors to high-end fashion brands, sustainability brands, athletic/sportswear brands, streetwear brands, skate brands, influencers, etc. along with 250+ relevant images from their current, respective feeds.

Everlane walked away with a fresh perspective, a defined content strategy, and a truck load of ideas mapped against twelve months of scheduled shoe launches.


Kyle Wai Lin, Strategy & Creative Lead
Ben Vrazo, Everlane Creative Director
Nate Fong, Photography Lead
Bernadette Aguirre, Operations Lead
Miles Casupanan, Editor

Ali Cottong, Strategy Lead
Ayni Raimondi Vienna, VP of Marketing
Franchesca Hashim, Head of Brand Marketing
Amanda Pliska, Marketing Lead
Britt Smith, Social & Content Marketing
Isadora Sales, Brand Marketing