We created a publication to champion multidimensional, lesser-known communities.

When you grow up in a biracial family, because you’ll never fit neatly into any single cultural category, it’s easy to believe that your existence will never be enough. With a dad from South East Asia and a mom from blue collar Providence, identity-finding has always been an underlying theme in my story. The Lesser Known Quarterly (aka TLKQ) is a free publication created in response to identity ambiguity by way of celebration, rather than condemnation.

My team and I curated a range of dynamic and diverse community leaders by region and assembled an even larger team of collaborators to execute our vision. We interviewed restaurateurs, chefs, poets, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and community leaders to see how they supported underrepresented, marginalized, and lesser-known communities whose multi-dimensional identities shaped the places we inhabit for the better.

The Lesser Known Quarterly has been among the most rewarding projects of my life. It supports my strongly held belief that intersectionality is both integral and meaningful as the world continues to write its story, as well as supporting my strength in community organizing. Its creation is one that I’d only dreamed existed as I was coming of age, defining my own identity.

Kyle Wai Lin, Editor in Chief & Creative Director
Bernadette Aguirre, Co-Editor & Partnership Lead
Nate Fong, Photo Editor & Photography Lead
Natasha Kohli, Photographer & Guest Community Partnerships
Adam Gomez, Front End Development
Ala Lee, Illustrator
Andy An, Illustrator
Andrea Campos, Photographer
Ayana Ivery, Designer
Christina Gotuaco, Writer
Daniel Starosta, Writer
Dorothy Siemens, Illustrator/Artist
Emily Fong, Supporting Editor
Eric Lilhanand, Supporting Editor
Greg Yang, Writer
Holly Harris, Illustrator

Hud Dini,  Illustrator
Jacquie Chang,  Front End Development
Jerome Palencia, Videographer
Josephine Wai Lin, Supporting Editor
Luna Velazquez, Illustrator
Luke Atwood Abiol, Photographer
Karan Bawari, Illustrator
Mabel Jimenez, Writer
Malik Adán, Writer
Maya Wise, Writer
Melissa de Mata, Photographer
Michelle Hernández, Writer
Michelle Min, Photographer
Miles Casupanan, Video Editor
Samiat Salami, Writer
Sumeera Jattala, Writer
Suzette Sagisi, Writer
Yuriy Romanovich, Illustrator